Complementary training

To complement the solid scientific preparation of the members of the CRC-TR, and to prepare the young members for a job in the industry or academia, transferable skills courses and career development initiatives are organized within the framework of the IRTG in cooperation with the other graduate schools in Mainz (MAINZ, MPGC, the center for computational science) and Ingenium in Darmstadt in order to provide an integrated complementary training offer. The topics mainly covered within the transferable skill umbrella range from ‘project management’ to ‘intercultural communication’, from ‘scientific writing’ to ‘oral presentation skills’, from ‘scientific data management’ to ‘good scientific practice’. Further career development initiatives include discussions with guests from the industry (i.e., chemical companies, publishing companies, patent lawyers etc.) as well as excursions to external companies of interest. The students of the IRTG choose the topics of their transferable skill courses themselves, according to their interests, and propose further ones if needed. They also have the opportunity to propose guests from the industry, to be invited for talks/discussions, and destinations for the excursions.