Project C5: Adaptive hybrid multiscale simulations of soft matter fluids

We develop and analyse efficient, hybrid multiscale methods that bridge the continuum-particle gap by combining a discontinuous Galerkin method for the macroscopic model with molecular dynamics. In the second funding period we have focused on the description of non-Newtonian fluids, particularly polymer melts, in sim- ple and complex geometries as well as on theoretical convergence analysis of numerical schemes taking multiscale effects into account.

Building on these results we will study the flow behaviour of polymer mixtures and develop methods to separate polymers with similar molecular masses based on differences in rheological properties (WP1). Applying a probabilistic concept of solutions, we will extend our convergence analysis to these non-Newtonian systems (WP3) and investigate effects of uncertainty with machine learning techniques (WP4). In the final funding period, we would also like to expand the scope of our project to a novel, exciting class of quasi-particles, which on a coarse-grained level can be described in terms of soft matter physics. In close collaboration with experimental colleagues at the JGU Mainz we will probe and study rheological properties of magnetic skyrmions (WP2). In summary, the main goals of the final project period are two-fold: i) investigate the applicability of our hybrid multiscale method to new exciting systems (polymer mixtures, magnetic quasi-particles) and theoretical analysis (convergence and error analysis, uncertainty quantification

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